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The only difference between a good sketch and a great sketch is shading and proper detail. The same goes for people.

Decided my new fitness goal is “able to defend a small village from a pack of wolves.” As in… “look at that guy, I bet he could defend a small village from a pack of wolves.”

I am everything wrong with your picture of perfect

Everyone has a an emptiness inside of them and they spend their life asking what to fill it with, I look for the answer at the bottom of bottles. Only to see the emptiness within the bottle and see the world through the other side.

When do I get to the part in my life where I can relax, and have a little freedom?

Growing up is realizing you have enough money to buy the legos Star Wars Millennium Falcon that you always wanted but then realizing its the same price as 7 bottles of ok whiskey.

Read from top to bottom

I wanted to try something new, a lot of writers have very ambiguous and self relating work and leave it up to the reader to attempt to make a connection to their writing but this can lead to some interpretations that were unintentional. This type of serendipitous event, reading other’s work and finding a piece of yourself in it (though its not the intention), is something I find beautiful. With this idea in mind I wrote the title at the bottom, with this I want to force the reader to find something relatable to their life before they come to realize my intention  of writing.




Because I enjoy it

My friends were doing it

Rebelling against a social stigma to stand out

Accepting myself into a group I want to be a part of

Nostalgic sensation of my childhood when my exposure was ever present

I gave into it because I was pressured and didn’t want to stand out amongst a group

Lowered inhibition due to an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex that enables me to properly control my impulses

Blurred division between my ID and Ego that allows Thánatos impulses to populate and solidify in my behavior

An acute Oedipus syndrome that makes me want to embody the habits of my father in order to further progress a relation with my mother

The desire to cling to an internal youth by decreasing my likelihood of ever entering an age in which I would consider myself a waste of resources and time, in doing so I would perpetuate the necessity to live an un-regretted life



Possible reasons to why I smoke cigarettes (as accounted from experience and psychology)