"Why is it harder for you to drink cold coke then straight jack…?" Jones to me… its a legitimate question.


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The only difference between a good sketch and a great sketch is shading and proper detail. The same goes for people.

Decided my new fitness goal is “able to defend a small village from a pack of wolves.” As in… “look at that guy, I bet he could defend a small village from a pack of wolves.”

I am everything wrong with your picture of perfect

Everyone has a an emptiness inside of them and they spend their life asking what to fill it with, I look for the answer at the bottom of bottles. Only to see the emptiness within the bottle and see the world through the other side.

When do I get to the part in my life where I can relax, and have a little freedom?

Growing up is realizing you have enough money to buy the legos Star Wars Millennium Falcon that you always wanted but then realizing its the same price as 7 bottles of ok whiskey.